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[email protected] Welcome to Temporary Email - Your disposable email address has been created ready for use.Your Email: [email protected] Password: ****password******You can change this email address! Place your mouse over the Inbox ID atthe top of this page and click to edit.Once you change to a new address, the old address will remain available,simply change back to it. (Note: email is kept for 1 hour)Waiting for your mail? There is no need to refresh the page, new emailswill be added to the list as they come in.All Emails are deleted after 1 hour.Click on the back the "« Back to inbox" to go back to the mail listEnjoy it! 0 Min
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All mailboxes are disposable, and when temporary mailboxes are deleted, no one can read your mail.

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Private mailbox

We provide custom email addresses, all email addresses are newly generated, and the email addresses already used will no longer be used to ensure your privacy.

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Attachment support accepts attachment files in any format and automatically compresses the ZIP, you can download it.


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